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Art on your sneakers : 100% handmade custom ideas.


Pisa Huevos Art


Graphic Design
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Own business

Pantone® 1665 C
C3 M91 Y98 K0

Pantone® 7720 C
C86 M40 Y8 K35

Pantone® 7455 C
C94 M76 Y0 K0

Pantone® 296 C
C5 M42 Y93 K0

Pisa Huevos art is a project where shoes are personalized with any idea, the logo is inspired by the artistic perspective emanating from painting and the creation of a 100% handmade product, the mascot is an egg that alludes to the name representative of a style of shoes in Colombia called “Pisa Huevos”.

The brand was built based on the color yellow, since it is a color that tends to capture attention quickly and effectively. It is eye-catching and can stand out in a visual setting, helping the artwork stand out from others. This is especially useful when you want to attract the attention of the public and generate interest in the work or artistic project.


Custom Web Site

Self-managing web design and development, created as an ecommerce maintaining a clean idea where the creativity of the product stands out by itself. Use of technologies such as HTML, CCS3, CMS, etc.

Web Site

Together, we worked hard to develop a unique brand. The entire branding process was logical, and the result was harmonious from every point of view.

I designed the corporate mascot with the idea of creating a friendly, fun communication tone that would allow it to be a pregnant and recognizable symbol that would stand out with a unique identity.